I was like a teenage girl at a 1D concert!

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If I could have my time again and choose another line of work, I would definitely be a chef.

For me, taking natural ingredients and making food not only pleasing to the eye but sensational on the tongue is a work of art and I regard good chefs as artists.

When filming Cash In The Celebrity Attic, it was my absolute privilege to work with the godfather of Italian food Antonio Carluccio and British food goddesses Lesley Walters and Mary Berry.

I was literally like a 14-year-old girl at a 1D concert when in their presence!

We filmed at Antonio’s house and he refused to let the production ‘runner’ prepare lunch, instead treating us to a wild mushroom risotto, with mushrooms he had foraged himself, followed by pears poached in red wine!

Myself, the crew and my co-presenter Angela Rippon couldn’t believe our luck.

I have forwarded my adoption papers to Antonio several times since, but there must be a problem with his fax machine as he doesn’t seem to receive them!

Similarly, when we arrived at Lesley Walters’ house she was kneading dough for the bread we would be having for lunch, whilst baking orange zest cookies for our morning tea!

The aromas of fresh bread and homemade cookies took me back to my home economics lessons at school.

When filming at the home of Mary Berry, I mentioned that I was a huge fan of Victoria sponge. So a few weeks later when it was time for her auction, she arrived with a whole Victoria sponge baked especially for me!

I couldn’t wait to sample it. But I was called by the director to do some on-screen appraisals and when I returned at lunch I learned that my dear friend Angela Rippon had found the cake, put the kettle on and sliced the cake up for the production crew. There wasn’t a crumb left!