I was mortified not to know about Kim and Kanye’s baby

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It’s gone a bit baby crazy in celebville over the past week.

I’ve hardly been able to keep up and was mortified when a friend texted me to tell me that Kim Kardashian and her BF, Kanye West, had had a baby girl.

After all, I am the queen of showbiz. How dare anyone know before moi about the antics of tinseltown?

Still, hearing the news (albeit via an external source) meant I was able to spread it via social media.

Me and everyone else of course. Apparently, a nurse from the hospital where Kim had her baby girl ‘let it slip’ that they’ve called her Kaidence Donda West.

Not sure about the middle name, but I think Kaidence is quite pretty. Rather different, although the fact they’ve gone for a bit of a weird name is hardly surprising.

Good luck to the new family. But although I don’t mean to sound negative, I give them six months before mother and father go their separate ways. I just hope they prove me wrong.

Moving on to another hot mamma, has anyone noticed that it’s gone very quiet on the Katie Price front lately?

I don’t know whether that’s intentional or down to the fact that the British press just don’t care that much about her these days.

But whatever the reason, she’s been under the radar of late. That is until this week, when Ms Price appeared on ITV’s Daybreak programme to discuss her fourth pregnancy and reveal how it’s the ‘worst one’.

Katie shares custody of her other children with singer Peter Andre. Her fourth child is from her latest marriage (third one – you need to keep up) to Kieran Hayler who, unsurprisingly, she is calling ‘the one’.

Like we haven’t heard that before!

I’m as bad as the next person when it comes to Ms Price. For me, she’s a ‘guilty pleasure,’ like sneaking a chocolate bar from the fridge when you think no-one’s noticed.

But given her absence from the media, I’d have thought she’d come out with something a little more substantial than her usual line every time she meets a new piece of male candy wearing a tight T-shirt.