I was overwhelmed by this blue and slimy bundle of joy

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Holly Louise Jackson was born at 11.14am on Monday morning by Caesarean section at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

What an experience. My nerves slowly got worse as the date finally arrived and I wished that I’d not watched so many episodes of Holby City and Casualty and seen more of One Born Every Minute.

It was like a rush of happiness, excitement and relief all in one go

I knew my job was to keep Sarah as calm as possible and try to make her laugh a few times as she was prepared for surgery.

Many say the C-section is a very calm affair compared to a natural delivery and we certainly felt that as we were led into theatre.

Sarah laughed and took my photo as I appeared for the first time in full scrubs.

She thought I looked quite dashing. I was worried that the trousers would fall down.

What can I say about the surgical team apart from amazing. This is not a cliche. Friendly, conversational and from the start they told us it was our special day and they were there for us to make that so.

Everything was talked through so we both understood what was going on. I even had a chat with the main surgeon about Go-Pro photography. It was like being down the pub!

I rested my head on Sarah’s pillow and we started to chat about our life together. How we met, fell in love and all the things we’ve done together since.

She then informed me I had bad breath. Brilliant. I’d not eaten and had been up since 5am.

The last thing I wanted Sarah to remember about the birth of our daughter was my honking breath. Luckily I had a spare piece of gum. A man always needs to be prepared.

Her waters were broken and before we knew it our daughter appeared above the screen, crying loudly.

This blue, slimy bundle of joy was perfect. I was overwhelmed. It was like a rush of happiness, excitement and relief all in one go.

We both burst into tears. I couldn’t control myself.

Birth certainly makes men see how truly amazing women are.