I was stood up – but only by the man coming to fix the phone

Technicians ' when they arrive ' often do a fine job.
Technicians ' when they arrive ' often do a fine job.
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Folks, I don’t want to be a Goddess Grumbleweed, honestly, I really don’t.

I’ve always been known for my sparkling joie de vivre personality, full of mercurial mischievousness and a wicked sense of humour.

But, these days I never stop moaning, and it’s just not who I am.

Louise Hay , the American inspirational speaker and writer, says: ‘Honey, I don’t sweat the small stuff.’

In other words the everyday little niggles that occur, we should just rise above them and be positive.

Well last Wednesday, I was positively niggled!

What’s the betting this situation has happened to many of you.

You make an appointment with a company for either am or pm for their engineer/technician/delivery man to arrive at your home.

In many cases you have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate them, and then they don’t turn up.


That’s what happened to me last week, and I wasn’t a happy bunny.

Virgin Media’s technician was booked to come between 8am and noon.

So I got up early, in case he arrived at 8am (who am I kidding). I buffed and puffed, got my teeth in and my hair on, and waited in anticipation for what would be a two- minute repair.

My phone plug was loose in the wall socket, so my landline was dead.

Midday, and no Virgin Media technician.

Phoned Virgin Media, and when I eventually got through, it went like this...

Me: ‘I’ve waited in for four hours and your technician has not turned up.

VM operative: ‘Very sorry Miss James, I’ll go and check.’

He returned saying: ‘Oh your appointment has been rescheduled for Friday afternoon between 12pm and 4pm.

Me: ‘Really! So Virgin Media can reschedule my life without telling me.’


Suffice to say I ranted on and on about the lousy customer service.

The poor VM operative, somewhere in India, must have said: ‘I’m sorry Miss James about 30 times.

So I even told him off for repeatedly saying I’m sorry because that was irritating me.

Phone fixed on Friday – yes two minutes.