I wasn’t ready for this first

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Being a parent, nothing is more exciting than when your child does something for the first time.

It all starts with the first time your baby does a poo in their nappy. Although it’s the only time you’ll ever be excited about this, it is a momentous occasion.

Then there’s the moment when she smiles for the first time. Although you’re not quite sure if she really has wind, it’s still a big moment.

My favourite milestone is when they start to talk. It starts with a babble, then moves on to forming single words, and once they can string a sentence together there is no stopping them.

My eldest daughter is almost four but going on 30 and can already talk for England.

I love listening to what she has to say, but this week a sentence came out of her mouth for which I was ill-prepared.

After returning from nursery she declared: ‘Daddy, I have a boyfriend and his name is Isaac.’

In my mind I wanted to call three- year-old Isaac and ask him what his intentions were towards my daughter but in reality I just said ‘that’s nice’.