I wish that I’d used my gap year to its full potential

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Apparently, not working hard enough at school is the most common regret.

I imagine 90 per cent of people can relate to this to some extent.

I was generally a pretty good pupil, but if I’m honest I’m sure I could have tried a little harder, certainly with some subjects.

My biggest regret is not using my gap year to its full potential. I started art college aged 18, but hated pretty much every minute of it.

I stuck it out for the first half-term, but only because I’d already paid for the trip to Amsterdam during the holiday!

I spent the rest of the year working in a chocolate shop.

You might think this would be a great way to use the time, but looking back I really wish I’d done something with those spare 10 months.

I could have had piano lessons, learned how to knit or gone travelling.

But I suppose I shouldn’t regret that year too much – after all I did gain some pretty useful life skills while working at the chocolate shop:

Do you know anyone else who can gift-wrap a heart shaped box?!

Jez: Thinking about it, I have many regrets, Just like most of the population I wish, I had done better at school.

I achieved three E grades in my history, geography and business studies A-levels, not really good enough to attend university and study journalism.

I also regret leaving the Sussex coast at 22 to pursue my radio career. This was the area I grew up in and I lost touch with many school friends.

Of course if I hadn’t moved away I would never have met my wife Sara and had my two lovely children, so in this case the cloud had a silver lining.

Another massive regret I have is selling my gorgeous BMW 5 Series car. It was immaculate and had only done 30,000 miles.

It broke down in 2010 and cost £900 to repair, then again in 2011 when it needed a new starter motor costing £600.

I was furious with the car and decided to flog it instead of pay the £600.

After my anger had eased, I realised I had been a bit too hasty and wanted my beloved car back.

But it was too late...