I won’t be ‘hammering’ around town

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As 2015 begins, I find myself reflecting on the past year.

For me, as for most people aged over 40, the years seem to pass faster and faster and 2014 was no exception.

I had to hit the floor running in January as I returned to Nesbits, the auction house where it all began, and familiarise myself with the monthly process of cataloguing and photographing around 600 lots.

We also embraced live internet bidding as a permanent service to our clients, so as well as a live auction I had to keep one eye on a computer screen for bids.

Filming for the BBC antiques show Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is commenced again in March, involving filming around England and in Paris.

Making the show is often fun, but also involves lots of travel, research, early starts and long days.

This, coupled with my already considerable work commitments, may provide some explanation as to how I purchased a non-working fridge in a Parisian antiques market and a 1950s vintage pedal scooter at a Newbury antiques fair.

I make no excuses, or take anything away from Kate Bliss for inflicting my first ever 5-0 defeat seen by millions of TV viewers, but there were many times during 2014 when I wished God had created an eighth day in the week!

Talking of vintage scooters, I had little time to pursue my scootering hobby last year so my beloved vintage Vespa and Lambrettas remained in the garage.

But I did buy a Piaggio ‘Ape’ van for the auction house - and Piaggio make Vespas.

Ape, pronounced ‘App-ay,’ is Italian for bee, which, considering my busy-bee working life, is rather fitting for my new van.

But whilst my 2015 diary is already looking to mirror 2014, my new year’s resolution is to shift the pace of my working life from the fast to the slow lane.

My new Ape scooter van might be named after a busy-bee, but with only a 50cc engine boasting a top speed of 25mph with a tailwind, you won’t find John ‘The Hammer’ Cameron hammering around town this year.

Toot your horn or wave if you see me, and my apologies in advance if you get stuck behind me!