I won’t feel so envious next time I’m editing at home

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It’s been another busy week – not up and down to London like usual, but working from home here in Portsmouth.

This time I’ve been editing a travel series for a luxury travel production company.

Before you all think I have the life of ’ol luxury, let me tell you it’s so hard filming abroad

It’s been quite a different challenge for me, because although I’ve been editing for a while now, I usually only edit short sequences and this project has required me to do the edit on full-length travel shows.

It’s been quite an experience and I’ve genuinely loved every second of it, even though at times it’s been hard to cut the footage of stunning locations without feeling pangs of jealousy!

I know I have no right to feel like that, as I’ve travelled more than most. But when you’re spending all day looking at the most beautiful footage of St Lucia and Barbados, it’s hard not to wish you were there!

However, don’t feel too sorry for me because I’m off to Turks and Caicos next week.

That is the actual Caribbean island (and not a restaurant in London which one member of my family – who I shall not name and shame – thought that I was referring to).

You see, the director made a deal with me.

He said: ‘Find us a five-star luxury hotel that wants to participate in the next programme and who will host us both and you can come’.

Well, he didn’t need to ask me twice, let me put it that way. So it looks like I’m off to the Caribbean.

Now before you all think I have the life of ’ol luxury, let me tell you it’s so hard filming abroad.

I’ve done it many times, specifically with this travel production company, and the days are so long because you have to cram everything into such a short space of time.

So although the sky will be blue and the sea will be warm and our hotel will be beautiful, I shall no doubt spend the entire time loaded up with kit like a donkey pretending that it’s a totally normal situation for me to be in.

Ha, at least I won’t feel so envious when I’m back at home editing the footage for the next programme!