I won’t go on a holiday that may put us in harm’s way

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Travelling to far-flung places around the globe has never been easier than it is today.

There are some great locations in which to holiday.

It would certainly be an experience to see the sights in Egypt, watch the elephants in Kenya, or just relax on a beach in the Tunisian sun.

But would it be safe?

Given what’s been going on lately in these areas, I don’t think I’ll be visiting any time soon.

I just can’t understand why people are still holidaying in places where there have been terrorist attacks.

Why would you put yourself in danger by visiting an area that has been targeted? Yet people are still soaking up the sun in Sharm el-Sheikh despite the recent suspected bombing of the Russian flight out of the Red Sea resort.

Then there’s the beach in Tunisia where gunmen indiscriminately opened fire.

Some holidaymakers haven’t been put off going there either.

I understand people may deliberately choose to go out of defiance, to show the terrorists that they won’t be dictated to by the bullet or the bomb.

That was certainly a strong feeling among Parisians interviewed over the weekend after the terrible events of Friday. They were still out and about, getting on with their lives.

But you wouldn’t catch me paying thousands for a holiday that could potentially put me and my family in harm’s way.

The Foreign Office has been warning against all non-essential travel to certain parts of the world.

Yes, Sharm el-Sheikh was meant to be a ‘safe zone’ in amongst no-go areas. But that didn’t prove to be the case.

As for the people who’ve been moaning because they’ve been held up at the airport or their flights home from Sharm have been cancelled, I just can’t believe their atttitude.

Meanwhile some of those who’ve returned are reportedly not happy because they found their luggage had not made it back with them.

These people need to get things in perspective and remember all those people who lost their lives.

Losing some clothes doesn’t matter.