I worry it could be Charles and Diana all over again

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Last week I revealed how I was invited into the BBC Radio Solent studios as a guest to talk about the Oscars. I also revealed how my predictions came true – The King’s Speech came up trumps taking home the big Best Picture award of the night and Hampshire lad Colin Firth got the Best Actor trophy.

Well I’m very pleased to say that the Beeb has now asked me back to guest present on its coverage of the royal wedding, which is taking place next month of course – hats at the ready ladies!

I’m thrilled to be asked back in as I loved every minute last time . It means I’m allowed to indulge in my passion for celebrities and showbiz gossip AND do so to a large radio audience as well as to readers of The News via this column.

What I’m slightly concerned about is whether I’ll be asked to give my predictions about the wedding and how William and Kate’s relationship will pan out once they’re married.

Because I fear their future is somewhat bleak and I can’t for the life of me shake off the feeling that it could be the whole Charles and Diana situation all over again.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Prince William is a remarkable young man. To be honest, I don’t reckon he’s much like his dad at all.

I genuinely believe love is at the heart of the couple’s impending commitment (as it should be), but I still fear for Kate and whether she will be able to handle all the media attention and the role of wife of the heir to the throne.

I mean, we all know what it did to Diana, don’t we?

I certainly don’t want to quash all the marvellous patriotic feeling that is bubbling up as we approach the wedding. I’m just as excited as everybody else.

But I have to be honest. After all, William and Kate have already split up once because of all the press focus on their relationship. I do hope I’m proved wrong.

In the meantime though, a royal wedding is just the ticket to lift all our moods and let us forget the economic problems of this country while we celebrate.

Good luck to ‘em I say!