Ideas like this deserve our respect and our support

New commercial life is sprouting in Copnor Road

VERITY LUSH: Green shoots of recovery sprouting in northern Portsmouth

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It takes real courage to pick up the pieces of your life and attempt to start out all over again.

Trying to change direction at any age requires a leap of faith.

So imagine what it must be like to know that you’ve got no choice. That you have to start from scratch – but this time with a life-changing injury thrown into the equation.

That’s exactly what Alec Robotham and Matt Bryant have had to do since they were injured while serving with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan.

Neither man asks for pity, just the chance to rebuild their lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

It’s clear that both of them were proud to call themselves marines and would still be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their colleagues if they could.

Sadly that’s not been possible. But at least now they’re starting to feel something that’s been missing in the long, dark, days since they were flown home – hope.

We’re sure many people will agree that Wings 4 Warriors is a great idea.

It’s over-riding aim is simple: to give exceptional people an exceptional opportunity to learn the skills they’ll need to begin their workings lives again.

For many people, the idea of flying helicopters is a boyhood dream. Now these two lads – and hopefully more in the future – will get the chance to train to be commercial pilots, giving them a new career to get them excited about the future.

The perils of being involved in any conflict can’t be ignored. Danger is a fact of life that anyone who serves in our armed forces must learn to live with.

We’re proud to say that we support all those who wear their military uniforms on our behalf.

Of course we’re often reminded that not everyone who goes to Afghanistan will come home alive.

And that’s why it’s so vital that we treat those who do with the respect that they deserve.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need organisations like Wings to come to the aid of those who have been hurt in the line of duty.

But while we do, we owe them our wholehearted support.