If Evans ever wore a Pompey shirt, I wouldn’t go to match

Since Steve Canavan became a father his cat, Percival, has embarked on a killing spree - and Steve's ended up with bubonic plague

My cat’s trying to impress me with a murderous killing spree  – Steve Canavan  

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Ched Evans was found guilty of rape after taking advantage of a girl who was too drunk to give proper consent.

A lot has been said about whether he should be allowed to play football again.

Personally, if he ever pulled on a Pompey shirt then I wouldn’t be going to Fratton Park any more.

How can you cheer for a rapist?

Similarly, how can Evans’s girlfriend’s father even contemplate covering sponsorship losses and wages at any club that signs him (which he reportedly has)?

Evans cheated on his daughter, betrayed her trust and disrespected her.

If any boyfriend of mine behaved like that, never mind being convicted of rape, I have an inkling my dad would have a different reaction.