If he didn’t need an ambulance, then what hope have we got?

COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

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There are some accidents you read about that really grip your imagination.

Like the man last week who ended up in hospital after spearing himself with a pick axe.

It seems he swung it down, but it bounced back straight at his head, off the washing line (that in itself must have been quite low).

The thin pointed end of the axe stuck right into his forehead, luckily missing his brain and embedding itself in an empty sinus space.

I hope I’ve explained that correctly. But what got to me most of all was the fact that he then went to hospital on the bus. Yep, the bus.

He’d reportedly rung 111 and been told that he didn’t need an ambulance.

What hope do the rest of us have?