If I’m half the woman she is, then I’ll be very happy

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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It’s my mum’s 60th birthday soon. It’ll be the usual gathering of family and friends and I can’t wait.

You see, there’s simply nothing better than celebrating at a Gibbs party!

Mum’s decided to hire Dr Funkenstein, the same DJ I had at my 30th, my sisters had for their UK reception after their Cuban weddings and the same DJ Matt and I have booked for our wedding next year.

Honestly, talk about keeping it in the family.

I spoke to the Dr this week, when he called to just check everything was still on (well of course it is) and wanted to confirm what kind of music my mum wanted.

He said: ‘Don’t worry Cheryl, I’ve got Sam Cooke at the ready.’

Ha, ha! He knows me and my musical tastes too well.

I think my mum’s party is going to be very similar to my 30th – same Cosham venue, same DJ and mostly the same people.

Plus both my mum and I are a bit of a hoot (even if I say so myself), so it should be a good night.

I really love my mum. If I’m half the woman she is by the time I’m her age, I’ll be one very happy lady.

I know most people say nice things about their parents, but in my mum’s case every single person who’s ever met her would tell you the same thing.

She’s simply one of a kind and an ‘earth mother’ to everyone she meets – not just her own children, but quite simply anyone.

Having been on a diet plan for almost two weeks now and with the weight slowly but surely coming off, I’m excited at the little number I’ve got planned for the party.

It’s black and yellow lace (don’t judge the yellow, even if it is neon bright).

When I showed my niece Millie what it looked like on Saturday morning after she’d stayed for a sleepover, she said to me: ‘Oh Aunty Chezzy, you look like Batwoman.’

Hmmm. That wasn’t quite the look I was going for, Millie, but thanks for the feedback anyway.

You can always rely on kids to give you an honest opinion!