If Justin and Selena are meant to be together, they will be

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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Selena Gomez is reportedly back with her ex, Justin Bieber.

It’s caused a real stir this week, not just because the world is getting slightly tired of their constant on-off romance, but also because Selena reportedly checked into an Arizona clinic which specialises in young people who have either issues with substance abuse or emotional issues – although her reps confirmed it had nothing to do with substance misuse.

They’re both young stars who have the world at their feet and if they’re meant to be together they will be. I don’t believe all this ‘they’re too young to settle down.’

After all I was 17 when Matt and I got together, and we’re still going strong – but then we weren’t stupidly famous with a million people pulling us in different directions!