If Noel and Liam combined new bands, they could be Birdseye

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I think I’ve worked out the main reason why Noel and Liam Gallagher may never get back together again. If they did, instead of reforming Oasis they’d have to combine their two new bands as they’ve put so much effort into them.

And that would mean them being called ‘Noel and Liam Gallagher’s High Flying Beady Birds Eye’. It just doesn’t sound as good, does it?

Lana Del Rey has revealed plans to re-release her 2010 album put out under the name Lizzy Grant. The singer-songwriter’s debut, which cost $10,000 to record and was helmed by Regina Spektor producer David Kahne, was only available for two months on iTunes. You can listen again to Lana’s recent interview on Wave 105 at wave105.com.

Madonna, this year’s halftime performer at the Super Bowl, has revealed she has had injuries rehearsing for one of the biggest performances of her career. The 53-year-old says, ‘I have a pulled hamstring and I have a little red dot on my nose where I wounded myself with my microphone.’ 30 years in the business and she hasn’t learned not to hit herself in the head with the mic?! Finally, a move by Madonna that Lady Gaga won’t be copying!

JLS say they’ll be going back to their roots on their new album. This confuses me because, when they started out a few years back they were an R ‘n’ B-based boyband. And now, some years later, they’re an R ‘n’ B-based boyband. So, how can you go back to your roots if your roots are the same as what you are now?  Does this mean that their next album is going to sound a lot less professional? Does it mean that they’re going to sound younger and less polished? If that’s the case, then why did they bother doing all that rehearsing and recording in order to get better? Why don’t they start just playing tiny gigs and sing all their songs without any musical backing? That’s what I’d call going back to my roots.

Instead of saying they’re going back to their roots, why can’t they say their next album will show off their musical abilities and the development of their song writing and performing skills. Surely that way more people are likely to buy it.