If one more person says I’m broody, I think I’ll go crazy

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I don’t know what it is about the past 12 months, but Matt and I seem to have been on constant babysitting duties.

In that time, all our previously carefree friends have settled down and started a family. Matt and I, being the good pals that we are, have been on hand to babysit their little munchkins overnight.

I didn’t sleep a wink. Not even for 20 minutes. I ended up getting up at 4am to start working

But if I hear one more person tell me that I’m ‘broody’ or ‘clucky’ – whatever the heck that means – I think I’m going to go crazy.

Because I can assure you our actions have been out of the kindness of our hearts and not because of some maternal feeling that apparently should be affecting me about now.

Seriously, just because we’re now married doesn’t mean that we’re going to immediately start popping out children.

Anyway, the latest overnighter was last weekend when we babysat for my best friend Denise’s 12-week-old baby, Alissia.

Now what I forgot when I offered to have her was that it was also my mum’s birthday. Oops.

Now you know what that means in our family – we go out.

So you can imagine how my revelation that we were babysitting went down – like a lead balloon.

There was only one thing for it. I turned up to the pub with the baby in one arm (well, in her car seat – don’t worry, I’m not that bad) and my mum’s present in the other.

Give her her due, there were no tears and tantrums – and the baby was good too! Only joking mum.

When we returned home, Alissia was good as gold, sleeping all night.

The problem wasn’t with her, it was with me.

I didn’t sleep a wink. Not even for 20 minutes. I ended up getting up at 4am to start working.

Every time she moved or so much as breathed heavily, I shot in to check her.

I spent the next day feeling like a zombie, but again spent my afternoon with a load of children at another friend’s daughter’s birthday.

Tomorrow night I have our other godchild staying over. Then my sister’s children will be with us all day Sunday.

What’s going on!