If Scotland goes I’ll miss being a part of the union

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The question of Scottish independence is raising its tartan head in my house. Two of my three children were born in Fife, north of Edinburgh.

They are proud of their Scottish birthright, more I think because it makes them different than because they particularly want to be seen as Scottish.

Being Scottish, or claiming to be Scottish, is quite a claim to fame, according to the Scots. To be fair I have witnessed this phenomenon over the years as people who should know better root out long forgotten nebulous connections to the land of rain and mosquitoes north of our border.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Scotland is a beautiful country with mostly wonderful people. But like all countries, it also harbours a few I could live without. These include those who, for some historical reason they have no recollection of except a feeling of hard-done-ness, insist on supporting every team England has ever played. What’s that about then?

To those who can’t explain their hatred for the English, I say, please do emancipate your country if it will finally help you overcome a bitterness you’ve learnt – blind bigotry.

My vote doesn’t count, but I don’t want Scotland to leave the union. Apart from the practical cost for all of us and the anxiousness of my children as to what they will – and will not – be able to claim with pride, I’ll miss being part of a United Kingdom. That’s what I put as my identity, not English. So what will the tick box become that I have to tick? The un-united Kingdom? What will we end up being called? Great Britain might be ‘Quite Good Britain, but couldn’t keep it together until the end’.

And if Scotland does go it alone, will Wales follow? Suddenly it’s starting to feel lonely on the south coast, especially as the Cornish will no doubt muscle in on the act.

I might have to move so I can join the campaign for distancing myself from historical England because no doubt there’s something in the past I can claim offence from. But, while I don’t want Scotland to go, I kind of do... otherwise the moaning and it’s-not-fair attitude of some of the fractious will fester down the centuries into the Scottish won’t support the English at anything. Oh, hang on....