If someone’s struggling, make them feel valued

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Sam Poole

The experiences we have – positive and negative – lead us in numerous directions and mould us into who we are today.

I firmly believe it is never too late to turn your life around

So many people are oblivious to the impact things they do have over them. I have known individuals transformed as a result of doing something many refer to as ‘minor’.

For example, using illegal substances triggered out of pure curiosity has led to addiction.

Compare that to meeting a particular group who have positively changed somebody’s life.

You just never know what may happen in the future.

There are many types of young people I have met during my time in education.

But the one kind who have stood out more than anyone are those who have limited faith in themselves.

I believe there are far too many people out there who feel as if their life has been corrupted as a result of ‘an experience’.

Whatever it was, it has led to cracks in their life and they have a tendency to be pessimistic towards their future.

I have friends, people who I grew up with and was close to, who have struggled and been near breaking point.

Seeing someone crumble before you isn’t a nice thing, especially when it’s someone you have a relationship with.

But through the things I have seen and through some of the young people I know, I firmly believe it is never too late to turn your life around.

It’s such a shame to see some youngsters lose faith in themselves, with nobody to support them.

If you know someone who is struggling, ensure you make them feel valued, pay attention to who they are and what they feel.

Through your support lives can be refreshed.

Regardless of someone’s ability, gender and ethnicity, they have potential and we must emphasise this across our society.

Why live in a culture where there is bitterness, upset and anger? Why surround yourself with people who can sway you into negative experiences?

Yes, I’m aware that situations can get to a point where they’re challenging to mend. Although challenging, not impossible though.

Don’t be stuck in a position where you feel as if something is impossible to escape from.

Understand that you can succeed and develop in whatever area you wish with the correct attitude.