If you need to show people you’re having fun, you aren’t

Good times - but alcohol consumption can be a factor in holiday insurance claims

CONSUMER: Couple face fight to claim on holiday insurance after Australia accident after firm says cover is not valid after a glass of wine

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Rihanna is one hot mamma. I’m not gonna lie, the gal is fit.

She knows it, the world knows it. So why does she feel the need to tweet half-naked pics of herself in just a bikini smoking something?

They will undoubtedly attract attention. Ah I see, that’s the point, she wants the attention!

Ri Ri was on holiday without her beau, Chris Brown (don’t even get me started on that reconciliation), ahead of her 25th birthday this week. She was with a gal-pal and they clearly had nothing better to do than tweet pix of themselves.

You girls need to know how to have some fun.

Because in my experience, when you feel the need to constantly show people you’re having fun, it probably means you aren’t.