If you’re going to attack a man, make it a fair fight

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Keep calm everyone, we’ve got two years of this.

So the ultra right-wing Daily Mail has had a pop at a deceased Marxist, comparing his views with those of his son – a man who wants to run our country.

If you listen to the Mail, and I can’t in all conscience recommend anyone does, we’ll all go to hell in a hand cart if Ed Miliband becomes the next prime minister.

Quite why Ed’s dad Ralph is ‘the man who hated Britain’ (according to the Mail) is unclear.

The only point the paper makes is that the 17-year-old Ralph, who fled for his life to escape the Nazi death camps, wrote in a diary that the British were hugely nationalist, that the country could learn a lesson in being more outward-facing if it lost the war, and that losing the Empire would be massively embarrassing.

The young man was quite right. We were an island nation, standing mainly on our own, trying to fight the Nazis. We had to be nationalistic.

It was the only way to pull together in a crisis.

What the Mail has tried to do is suggest that Miliband Sr was implying Britain should lose the war.

I’m sure that, at 17 and having to escape for his life, that wasn’t really what he was saying.

The point is, the Mail used a dead man to try to discredit the policies of a man who is very much alive and looks very much like he might finally be trying to steer the Labour party towards its grass roots Socialist members.

I reckon it’s as cowardly as it is ridiculous, and has been exacerbated by a Mail on Sunday reporter having gatecrashed a private memorial service for Ed Miliband’s uncle.

The brickbats are flying, and rightly so. If you’re going to attack a man’s policy, at least take him on in a fair fight rather than the my-dad’s-bigger-than-your dad kind of fight.

After all, Lord Rothermere, the original founder of the Daily Mail, was reportedly quite pally with a certain A Hitler, so we probably don’t need to go down that road.

All I know is the next general election is not until 2015, so hopefully at some point we’ll run out of dads to compare.