If you see me climbing into my car’s boot, walk on by

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As I approach the big 3-0, I’m starting to reflect on my achievements so far and what I have to show for a lot of hard work.

All in all I’d say I’m a pretty happy bunny. Am I where I think I should be by now? No, not really. But then I don’t think you’re ever truly content with what you’ve achieved – or is that just me?

Apparently I’ve always been the same, never satisfied but not in a bad way. I just don’t particularly see myself as being megasuccessful.

Have I done okay? Yes. Could I have done more? Absolutely. And the one thing I really ought to have stopped by now is some of the situations I get myself into because I am, well, me.

I told you last year about the good-for-nothing heap of junk car I bought for £450.

You know, the one that doesn’t have any heating and a driver’s door that doesn’t work, meaning I’ve spent the past four months climbing into my car through the passenger side?

Well it’s got worse, much worse. Recently I had to break into the car. The passenger door also decided to stop working, which meant the only way to get in the car was through the boot.

The problem was that my only key was inside the car when the passenger door decided to break from within.

Now I had a car which I was unable to get into and no spare key. So I did the only thing I could think of – attempted to break in.

What’s most painful about this story is that my car was not parked on my driveway, where I could have possibly tried to be surreptitious.

No, it was on a very public road. But do you know what? As I tried to break into my own car using a hammer and screwdriver, not one person batted an eyelid.

In the end I called one of the roadside rescue organisations and they came to my aid.

But the problem has not gone away.Once I shut the doors, I can’t get back into the car via the conventional method of using a key.

So if you see an exasperated brunette climbing into the boot of her car with as much grace as an elephant, then walk on by and pretend you haven’t noticed me.

Ah, the glamour!