If you want privacy black out your car windows...

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So you’re sitting in yet another traffic jam on the M27, getting slowly older as you creep forward inch by inch.

In your mirror you can see a man in his car, calmly picking his nose.

You look away, thinking you’ve intruded. But on what? His car is covered in windows. He knows you can see him in your mirror, but he carries on regardless.

So if your eyes were to meet in that mirror, should you be ashamed for looking? Or should he be the one who’s ashamed – for rummaging around in his nostrils with gay abandon on the public highway?

It’s all a matter of privacy.

In a week dominated by the Leveson report into press ethics and the privacy of the individual, I and someone I know on Twitter conducted an experiment.

He’s someone I’ve never met. I knew which city he lived in and his Twitter name – but that was all.

So with his consent I set about finding out everything I could about him.

In 20 minutes I’d found where he lived, seen pictures of his children, tracked down an email address and found out what he did for a living.

I didn’t find this information through hacking phones, going through bins, or doing anything else Hugh Grant could whinge about.

No. I simply used Google.

I’ve honed my Googling skills over many years, using them, for example, to compile a two-inch thick folder on Roman Dubov and Vladimir Antonov, former Pompey owners.

I think most Pompey fans would say it was essential I’d done that research.

But we’re not talking people who hold the future of Pompey in their hands.

We’re talking about ordinary people, who may not want the world to know what’s on their Amazon wishlist, or that they joined WeightWatchers, or what their bank details are...

The internet is like those car windows – we might think we’re in our own safe haven, but actually everyone can see what we’re up to.

It doesn’t matter what Leveson says about privacy when so much about us is already out there. So look after your own information, black out those car windows...and stop picking your nose!