Ignore the ‘Sham at West Ham’

David Haye during the public workout at Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent.
David Haye during the public workout at Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent.
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Ihave been asked a hundred times what will happen when David Haye meets Dereck Chisora at West Ham on Saturday.

The answer is: I could not care less.

I won’t be watching the fight because I’m disgusted it is going ahead.

And appalled some people are trying to pass this off as Britain’s biggest fight in years. They have to be kidding.

Haye’s lame effort against Wladimir Klitschko when given his big chance last summer was embarrassing.

After all his big talk and threats, he barely put up a token resistance and left the ring with cringe-worthy complaints he had bad toe. Then he retired.

Chisora – previously banned by the British Boxing Board of Control for biting an opponent – has lost three of his past four fights.

I doubt anyone would ever have heard of him if it was not for his deplorable behaviour before and after his fight with the other Klitschko – Vitali – in which, to be fair, he put in a decent effort in defeat.

He slapped the champion at the weigh-in, then in the pre-fight preliminaries spewed water into the face of Wladimir – the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in a ring.

Then, afterwards we had the press conference brawl between Haye and Chisora, complete with gangster street talk of ‘glassing’ and ‘shooting’.

Quite rightly, Chisora’s license was withdrawn indefinitely by the Board of Control, who will understandably have nothing to do with the so-called ‘Sham at West Ham’.

They almost certainly would have rejected an application for a new license from the ‘retired’ Haye.

Laughably, the Saturday fight is being licensed by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation.

Yes, Luxembourg, whose relevance in the boxing world is roughly equivalent to that of Oxford United to the Champions League. The promotion is no more than an attempt to circumnavigate the authority of the British Boxing Board and to cash in on the brawl and bad blood between the two heavyweights.

Instead of serving a totally-justifiable period of punishment for their actions, these two men are actually profiting from them.

There are those who will say anything goes in boxing and, what the heck, Haye-Chisora is a good fight.

No, it is a declaration of boxing anarchy and an insult to the 90 per cent of fighters who conduct themselves with courage, dignity and wonderful sportsmanship.

And the contest has only limited relevance in any case, since both men have been proven to be well below the level of the Klitschko brothers.

You will bombarded by all kinds of hype this weekend telling you how big this fight is. I suggest you ignore it.