I’ll be voting in EU elections even though it’s confusing – RICK JACKSON

It’s European elections day and I reckon we will see the highest turn out for this type of election since we’ve been part of the EU. With Brexit stalled and seemingly on hold, the self-declared knight in shining armour for our European exit, Nigel Farage, is back on his horse, although we are not too sure who is paying for it.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 7:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 7:33 pm
European elections are taking place May 23, 2019

All the opinion polls suggest they will have a hefty win, with leavers angry at the way parliament is handling Brexit, showing them how they still feel.

On the other hand, every opinion poll I’ve seen suggests if there was a second referendum, we would indeed vote to remain in the EU.

With this in mind, it seems crazy we do not have a Remain Party to juxtapose Farage’s barmy army.

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Wish-washy Labour seem to be doing well in the Euro opinion polls as well, which is bonkers considering its leader has so many splinters in his bottom from sitting on the Brexit fence, he can only squat.

How ironic.

The Change UK party is not making much noise and their message seems unclear.

Surely ‘Remain’ would be a better name, considering as this is the whole reason they exist in the first place?

If you are a remainer, the vote will be very much split with both the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party also wanting a second referendum.

But these parties are making little to no noise either.

In fact, I’ve only had two leaflets about these elections through my door and both are from the Brexit Party.

One thing is for certain, the Conservatives will get a bloody nose over all of this, especially with Theresa May’s lacklustre appearance to launch their campaign.

I’m sure many of us want Brexit to just go away, but these unprecedented turbulent political times are fascinating and the consequences will be far-reaching.

It is not only our future relationship with Europe that is in doubt, but also the future political landscape here in the UK.

I, for one, will definitely be casting my vote and having my say in our future.

It’s a long time coming but I can’t wait for the by-pass

At last, the Stubbington by-pass gets the go-ahead. Years in the planning, just one complaint held the process up by more than a year.

For me, this is a good thing, though. It’s important people’s fears are not ignored so this process has been worth it. It’s never nice to hear of compulsory purchase orders being exercised.

The new link road from Crofton School to the strawberry fields in Titchfield will take the pressure off Stubbington village and help with congestion.

I’m sure the people of Chichester will be watching this with interest.

With the town of Welborne in the planning, any kind of relief to our road network is a good thing.

Rick the bus driver finds himself in a bit of a tight spot

My weekend driving vintage buses around Ryde with the Bus Museum had the shine taken off it by an accident witnessed by many.

I managed to bust the rear windscreen visor of one of the controller’s cars by reversing into it.

After picking up my passengers for an open top run to Seaview, I have a three point turn to execute.

With buses both sides, I reversed back sheepishly then pulled away. Plenty of people were looking to the back of the bus but I didn’t see, feel or hear anything.

But the back of the bus touched the visor with a loud bang, apparently.

From then on, I was called ‘Smashy and Nicey’.

Very droll indeed.