I'm no big fan, but Donald could still come up trumps

Newly sworn-in Donald Trump certainly wasn't the most popular choice on the world stage with his shock election as the next US president and the world's most powerful man.

Monday, 23rd January 2017, 6:26 am
Donald Trump

He’d been shadowed by a relentless wave of negative news, mudslinging and almost fantastical storytelling on a daily basis before he’d even taken his seat in the Oval Office; a ‘bromance’ with Putin, spies, hookers, misogyny, racism and allegedly mocking a disabled reporter to name but a few. The list keeps growing.

I’ve never known anything like it and I’m pretty sure no previous president-elect had ever snared so many column inches before they’d even started the job, or made such a divisive impact on world politics.

But he’s in now, so buckle up – it could well be a bumpy ride.

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The serious hard work starts now and he needs to be able to learn fast to put his nation’s interests ahead of his own, to charm and win people over rather than alienate them, learn a bit more tact and diplomacy and, maybe, lay off the aggressive and undignified tweeting rants and social media wrangling?

Now I’d like to make it clear I’m not a political commentator with an agenda and, please don’t get me wrong, I’m no huge fan of the man either.

However, Donald Trump is a hot topic right now and change can sometimes be a good thing.

Love or loathe him, isn’t it potentially a good thing that he has opened talks on UK-USA trade deals?

Maybe having a man who is a businessman, a skilled negotiator and a financier in charge is not such a bad thing in one respect when running a country?

After all, successful countries are no different from successful businesses as they have to run profitably.

And Donald Trump certainly knows a thing or two about profits!

Having a businessman at the helm rather than a career politician may actually be beneficial for the USA and its trade partners.

So, funny hairdo, orange tan and belligerence aside, maybe Donald will come up trumps after all?

Time will tell…


Supermarkets add so much value these days. They already offer shoppers the widest choice possible by supplying everything from keycutting to dry cleaning, as well as food and drink.

But now they appear to have gone one better and turned into libraries too. What a great idea!

Apparently I am now at liberty to loiter by the newspaper racks, block the aisle and read everything I please from cover to cover as slowly as I wish.

And then put it back again, dog-eared and well-thumbed, and walk away.

Or, better still, move on to the magazines and do it all over again. What a great, money-saving idea!

That won’t irritate any real, money-paying shoppers, will it? Genius!


Is it just me that thinks Ollie Murs is behaving like a brat by pulling out of the Brit Awards just because he hasn’t been nominated for anything?

Ollie was reportedly scheduled to perform at the awards, which, from my understanding, is because he’s a performer and was being paid for it.

But because he’s discovered he’s not in with the chance of carrying off an award, he’s allegedly ‘fuming’.

It’s been his ambition these past years to win a Brit. He’s been nominated several times, yet never been a winner to date.

But aren’t awards discretionary, handed out on merit, not just because you think it’s high time you had one?

I’ve got some advice for you. Learn to be a gracious loser, Ollie.