Imagine being stuck in the same routine for 63 years?

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This week Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch.

She’s done the same job for the past 63 years, which is incredibly impressive, never mind the fact that the job in question is being the Queen.

Back when she ascended the throne people often had one job their entire lifetime. These days people change careers several times and even within the same career will work for different companies.

My first job was a seasonal stint in a gift shop where I was in charge of re-decorating the display of Christmas trees each Saturday.

I also waitressed in a pub, worked behind the till in a chocolate shop and became a shoe fitter in a shoe shop.

So I’ve done quite a range of jobs, but even Elizabeth had one other job before becoming Queen. Aged 18 she joined the war effort and became a driver and mechanic.

Still, it’s not a lot of variety is it? I’m not sure I could hack being stuck with Jez for another 63 years!

Jez: Massive congratulations to the Queen for having the same job for more than 63 years.

I’m 46 and since leaving school at 18 I’ve had a total of eight jobs. If you do the maths I have spent 3.5 years in each of them which is rather worrying considering I have been working at The Breeze for almost three years.

Undoubtedly the worst job I had was working as a car salesman for a luxury German car company. People are born as good salesmen. I don’t think it’s something you can learn. You’ve either got it or you haven’t and I didn’t.

This is a problem when 70 per cent of your salary is commission-based and you have a mortgage to pay.

Next on my list of career mistakes was joining the police in 2003. I served 18 months as a constable in Swindon. Boy was it hard. Really hard. There were too few officers trying to cope with relentless workloads and the shift patterns were horrendous.

If I’m really lucky maybe I’ll get to stay at the Breeze for 60 years. Problem is I’ll be 106.