In Pompey’s supporters we Trust

Pompey fans show their support
Pompey fans show their support
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Of all the sentiments surrounding Pompey’s fight for survival, the view ‘someone will turn up’ is among the most alarming.

It’s a stance borne out of admirable but misplaced optimism and little else, as administrator Trevor Birch continues his search for a viable future for the Blues.

There has hardly been a stampede down Frogmore Road to Birch’s desk in the wake of his arrival at PO4.

Beyond vague mention of ‘two or three interested parties’ from the PKF partner, there has been little substantial evidence to base hope of a credible buyer arriving.

Of course, there will be the tyre-kickers and the odd couple of well-meaning individuals trying to do their bit to help.

Then there is the spectre of the past, with Balram Chainrai’s £17m ensuring he isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

But as for a substantial, meaningful cause for belief that someone is going to turn up, well, there isn’t.

Not so far anyway.

Pompey Supporters’ Trust are not resting on their laurels, however.

They took their bravest move since their formation with the announcement of their community share scheme last week.

It’s an initiative which is asking fans to pledge an initial £100 to then acquire a share for £1,000.

The aim is to generate funds to then potentially launch a serious takeover bid of the club.

A meeting will also take place today at The News, with the Trust featuring heavily alongside politicians and representatives from Fratton Park.

PKF will not be present, perhaps because they don’t want to compromise their position in potential discussions with other parties. That’s understandable.

The point here is, that what we are seeing is a group of people who care deeply about their football club doing everything they can to save it.

And they are doing that in a sensible, organised, coherent fashion.

There are people who doubt the Trust’s motivations, who believe they are motivated by the limelight and are being used by those who want to hop on the ‘save Pompey’ PR gravy train.

There are those who question whether their cause, however well-meaning, is a hopeless one.

But the fact is they are in there fighting for what they love, and tapping into the never-say-die star and crescent spirit which is everything to this football club and city.

After the steady stream of chancers, dreamers, imposters and fantasists who have inhabited the corridors of power at Pompey, I know who I’d rather have at the helm.

If a new white knight does emerge, there has to be a place for the Trust in their plans.

A serious vantage point for them to see what form their club’s future is taking.

Generating a fighting fund gives them the chance to be taken seriously if that miraculously occurs.

It is the supporters who are the identity of a football club, the people who provide its character and personality. They are the ones who bring the passion.

Portsmouth Football Club belongs to them and is in their hearts.

That’s what makes them its best guardians.