In praise of the simple life

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Are you prepared to live simply so others can simply live?

In a world which offers us an incredible amount we can often be distracted by what it is we should choose.

From the food we eat to the latest technology products we buy, the list is endless.

We really take for granted all the things we possess, much of it pointless.

We live in a consumer culture where millions idolise the objects they desire.

And the unfortunate fact is this isn’t confined to Britain, but is common around the globe.

We see a growing number of people becoming increasingly influenced by what the media attempts to sell us.

It goes to huge lengths to tempt us to part with our money and then continues to use its persuasive techniques so we continue to spend.

If we took a moment to think about everything we spend in the course of seven days, which, believe me, would be a substantial amount, we would surprise ourselves.

We would be surprised for two reasons: one – the actual amount we spend. A huge percentage of us don’t keep records of where our cash goes.

The second reason is our attitude to everything we buy to feed our desires.

Think how quickly the novelty wears off before we move on to the next ‘must-have’ thing.

The cold fact is that the world is driven by commodities and we have far more than we need to survive.

Millions are struggling to live with limited food and dirty water. Diseases spread as a result of the poor quality of life.

So western counties can do so much to support those who are deprived because of poverty.

We do so much already in order to assist, although much more can be done.

Just think of the luxuries you could live without.

If you used that money to support others you really could make a difference.

So think hard: what could you do to support someone in need?

The younger generation can play an important role in supporting those who are in need of improving their quality of life. Granted, when you live a life dominated by buying unnecessary objects it is a real challenge to break out of the all-enveloping grip of consumerism.

The satisfaction which you will gain from supporting people, even if it is just one person, would be amazing.

So come on, let’s encourage each other to live a slightly simpler life so those who struggle to live can be encouraged and comfortable.