Inconsiderate few must feel full weight of the university

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We should be proud to have a university in Portsmouth.

It brings many benefits both culturally and economically, with students and teaching staff contributing a great deal to local life.

Just like the naval base and Fratton Park, the university helps shape the character of our city.

And like the Royal Navy and Pompey, the achievements made by those studying here deserves to be highlighted.

We don’t doubt that the majority of students behave themselves but, sadly, that can’t be said of everyone.

A minority are threatening to cast a dark shadow over the good things that the University of Portsmouth does and that can’t be allowed to continue.

It must be very hard to appreciate what students can bring to an area when it’s your car, garden, or home being damaged.

Giving students credit for the role they play isn’t easy when it’s your sleep that is being disturbed and you are the one waking up to find vomit on your doorstep.

We have sympathy for those living in areas that have become popular with students because it is clear that tensions are rising in some streets.

The university must be praised for taking action. Now it must fulfil its end of the bargain and exclude those who step out of line.

Students should also come forward and identify those who they know to be troublemakers to the university and, where appropriate, to the police.

We understand that leaving home, moving in with friends and experiencing that first flush of independence is an exciting time.

No-one’s saying that students shouldn’t have fun. But their pursuit of a good time should not impinge on others and the high number of anti-social incidents – in many cases fuelled by alcohol – is totally unacceptable.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of young people do behave responsibly.

We urge those who don’t to stop spoiling it for everyone else.

As a city, Portsmouth is proud to have you. Now do the decent thing and don’t make us regret your presence here.