The internet has a lot to answer for

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Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 6:00 am

Morrisons has joined forces with Amazon to sell products through its digital shop. And energy firm Npower has slashed thousands of jobs – more than a fifth of its workforce.

A staggering 2,500 jobs are to go across the UK which is something I imagine staff were not expecting. When we see one of the biggest names in the energy industry cutting jobs, I wonder who’s next.

Of course, hearing of redundancies isn’t something unusual as businesses are doing all they can to save money and keep profits high.

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As well as this, fewer people are needed to do the work, therefore there are fewer jobs available.

Let’s not forget the development of companies online.

It is interesting to hear of the reasons why people are cutting the number of those they employ.

The internet is often a strong reason.

Millions of people are turning to their computer screens as a primary source of buying things they need.

Gone are the days where everyone would hit the high street, look in the newspaper, or buy over the phone. Yes, they are still one way of selling but it is evidently decreasing.

The world in which we live will be completely different several years from now.

Take an overview of technology and how that is developing; who knows what the next big thing will be.

Some may argue as one job option closes several more open. I understand the thinking behind this especially with us living in a growing economy.

However, it is impossible to thoroughly understand how many jobs the internet can create.

The internet is still relatively fresh to the current generation. But I believe we haven’t seen anything compared to what is to come.

I also believe those who are in education today will offer something new and unthought of, therefore creating, or cutting, jobs.

Being employed is vital if we are to live comfortably. Earning money is something which is pleasing as your hard work and determination pays off.

But will this be an attitude others will carry in the long run? Let’s wait for more news of job cuts and evaluate the reasons on why the decision has been made.

I would be surprised if the internet wasn’t responsible.