Internet trolls show us who the good people really are

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During the past few weeks I’ve been having to stop a couple of people from seeing what I put on Facebook and blocking them from following me on Twitter.

It can be a creepy feeling, knowing someone is watching everything you do in the two-dimensional world of social media – no matter how pathetic that person must have to be in order to feel the need to wade through all my tweets on a regular basis.

No-one’s ever been spiteful to me, just boringly argumentative or a little bit stalky. I press the block button and I move on. Job done.

Recently, someone on Twitter ‘trolled’ some of the people who got on their bikes to raise money in memory of young Jack Robinson from Denmead, who died in April. It was hateful, spiteful and there was no reason for it.

Only cowards are afraid to tell people what they really think and how they really feel face-to-face.

I’ve written before about the spineless people who pour out their bile with a keyboard for a spear and an anonymous screen name as their shield.

But what has recently made me angry with the internet were those people who trolled Stephen Sutton.

The 19-year-old, as I’m sure you will have read or seen on television, lost his battle with bowel cancer last week.

But just 10 days before his death he was getting trolled by people who simply didn’t believe he was dying and claiming that him raising £3.5m for the Teenage Cancer Trust was a mere scam.

The reason? He coughed up a tumour which meant he could breathe again and so be released – albeit briefly – from hospital.

How anyone could doubt Stephen, who was an inspiration to so many, was gravely ill is beyond me.

And how anyone would have the audacity to call him a liar behind his back beggars belief.

He, of course, dealt with it in his usual charming way, reassuring the troll concerned that ‘I still have my cancer and it’s still incurable, if that makes you feel less ‘duped’ x’.

Perhaps the world needs trolls just to show us who the really good people actually are.