Interrogation? This was more like a gentle conversation

Tony Blair arrives at the High Court in London
Tony Blair arrives at the High Court in London
Inquisitor: John Humphrys

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Tony Blair had that familiar self-satisfied grin on his face as he left the Leveson Inquiry – and no wonder.

He had been given a remarkably undemanding ride by his lordship, and his sardonic sidekick, Robert Jay QC.

Both men trod softly throughout their conversation (it hardly qualified as an interrogation), apparently anxious not to bruise Blair’s ego or make any little dents in his thin carapace of self-composure.

Indeed, at one point Leveson actually went to great lengths to rephrase a couple of Blair’s answers, as if eager to ensure they were recorded for posterity in as favourable a light as possible.

All in all, it was one of the more worrying days at the Royal Courts of Justice.