Is it a dodo or a duck-billed platypus? No, it’s a warbler

Don't worry children, it won't hurt a bit...

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Strange goings-on in Gosport at the moment. Drivers negotiating the Fort Brockhurst roundabout are being distracted by a large ‘gaggle’ of twitchers.

Armed with binoculars, large lenses, raincoats and Thermos flasks, birdlovers have come from afar to the moat around the fort.

So what is the fuss about? A dodo? A duck-billed platypus? We’ve been famous in Gosport in recent times for expensive duck houses...

But no, it appears a rare warbler is in town. You’ll never see so many expensive cameras in all your life!

There’s never a dull moment in Gosport. Expect Bill Oddie and Chris Packham to host a live Birdwatch from the side of the A32 very soon.