Is it time for the barbecue?

Zella had a fantastic day at Titchfield Haven and wonders what other local gems she's overlooked      Picture: Gary Taw

ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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Hallelujah! Spring is here....maybe.

After the tortuous sodden days of half-term, a few brighter and milder days have given me renewed optimism that it won’t be long until children can run around at their local park or football pitch, releasing some of their nuclear energy.

This winter has been our first with two children and my detached fingernails embedded in the walls are testament to how challenging it has been.

Pushing a buggy and manually coercing a five-year-old while dragging a reluctant hound around the park in soaking wet darkness at 3.42pm isn’t my idea of fun.

As the days stretch out and foliage starts to sprout from the trees, barbecues, paddling pools and SPF 40 are on the horizon and I can’t wait.

My heart is telling me to be positive and it’s time to start summer-ising the garden.

My brain is saying don’t be a muppet, we’ve still got March and April to go yet.