Is it too much to ask to think before you park?

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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That we have a problem with a shortage of parking space in the city will come as no surprise to anyone who has lived and driven around Portsea Island for any period of time.

But that does not excuse bone-headed and downright selfish behaviour when it comes to finding somewhere to leave your vehicle.

Many of our city’s roads were clearly not built to satisfy modern demands and as a result space, whether driving on them or trying to park, is at a premium. However, is it too much to ask for a little bit of common sense from motorists?

Surely you know if your vehicle is going to cause access problems – particularly if you are stupid enough to put it on double yellow lines.

When firefighters were called to an emergency in Copnor in the early hours of Monday morning, they had to find alternate access to the street thanks to the three people who didn’t think before they parked up and walked off.

In an emergency situation every second counts.

The firefighters were forced to find an alternative way to the property, which they were fortunately able to do. It is only because of this that the vehicle’s owners found themselves with just a fixed penalty notice and not without a car that had been removed altogether.

It is not hyperbole to say that it was only blind luck rather than judgment that no-one was seriously hurt or worse in this instance.

Given the limitations on space and the behaviour you can see exhibited on a daily basis, it is more of a surprise that we don’t hear about this type of scenario more often.

One resident is quoted in our story calling for the implementation of a residents’ parking scheme. While these schemes certainly have their place, it would not have prevented this – the vehicles were parked illegally.

We hope the fines these drivers received serve as a wake-up call and that anyone who sees this story will think again before leaving their car somewhere that might cause trouble.

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