Is Peter Kay’s Forever FM based on my radio station?

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Peter Kay may well be in trouble with bosses at Wave 105 over his TV series Car Share, which has one episode left to run.

It’s another stroke of genius from one of my favourite comedians.

Not only is he the best stand-up in the UK, his TV series are always a must-see and his latest one is no exception.

The premise is simple. Peter plays a deputy manager of a superstore that has a limited number of car parking spaces for employees.

So a ‘car sharing’ scheme is created and Peter’s grumpy character John is paired with bubbly promotions girl Kayleigh, who instantly retunes his car radio from BBC Radio 5 Live to a fictional commercial radio station Forever FM.

As the days tick by, John slowly grows fonder and fonder of dizzy Kayleigh and the music played on this station.

Forever FM is now gaining cult status and getting mentions on many TV and (real) radio station shows across the nation.

So why are my bosses raising an eyebrow over Forever FM? Watch the next episode, then listen to Wave 105 – it’s virtually identical!

The station plays very similar music to Wave.

But is it a coincidence that the drive show on Forever FM is called The Big Drive Home – exactly the same name of my show?

Maybe one of the writers is from the south coast and has based Forever FM ‘loosely’ on Wave 105?

The travel news jingle and voiceover are identical to ours as John and Kayleigh arrive at work at 9am, just in time to guess the year on The Golden Hour, broadcast at the exact same time as ours!

Maybe one of the writers is from the south coast and has based Forever FM ‘loosely’ on Wave 105?

Both John and Kayleigh are single and my hope is now they will fall for each other and, in the final episode, go on a date together.

This will also save Kayleigh the £15 a month she pays to an online dating service.

I’ve grown to love this comedy. With just two characters and shot mainly inside a car, it’s unique but the observational humour is spot on.

Plus, luckily for us we can listen to Forever FM every day!