Is Pompey finally becoming the place to be for celebs?

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It was my other half Matt’s birthday this week. He’s 32 and I can’t quite believe it.

I met him when he was just 19 years old and a spring chicken. And now? Well, best leave that alone!

Where on earth does the time go? We’ve been together for more than 12 years, amazing really. Even more amazing tha5 I’m still not a ‘Mrs’, but that’s a subject for another time.

So it was his birthday and we went out for dinner with his mum, stepdad and brother to the Coach and Horses pub in Hilsea.

Now I’ve always said that, no matter where I go, somehow I manage to sniff out a celebrity.

There, at the bar, were some of the ‘celebrities’ from Miami and LA Ink, American TV shows about tattoo shops.

All right, they weren’t quite your A-list stars. But we were only in the Coach and Horses, a modest watering hole and hardly a hotspot for celeb-spotting.

Despite not actually having any tattoos yet, Matt absolutely loves the shows and was quite star-struck. So I marched him over to the table of about 15 tattooed men and women and asked politely if he could have a photo taken with them.

Now this broke my rule about always treating celebrities like ‘normal’ human beings. Approaching people in this way was something I wouldn’t normally do, especially when they were sitting in a tight-knit group, clearly wanting some privacy.

But I rocked up in high heels with a girly grin on my face, hoping they were in a good mood, and announced: ‘We’re huge fans of your shows.’

Not trying to be stereotypical, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t want to mess with this crowd.

But they were as lovely as pie and Matt got a few sneaky pics with them, which topped off his birthday nicely.

They told us they were here for the big tattoo convention and said how much they loved Portsmouth.

I felt rather proud, I have to admit. It’s weird that in the past few weeks we’ve ‘bumped into’ several celebrities in our city.

Maybe we’re becoming the place to be! That wouldn’t surprise me at all – I’ve always said Pompey rocks!