It beats slobbing on the sofa with a family of choc bunnies

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I have a confession to make. Somehow I’ve gained a stone in the past month.

Could it be the result of the giant Lindt chocolate bunny I wolfed down? Hmmm.

I’m tempted to scoff his five siblings hiding amongst the lettuce in the fridge and begin a new diet on Monday.

I’ve taken to glancing down at my tummy and pinching my midriff to try to snap myself out of a self-pitying strop.

I’ve also taken the bunny by the ears and enrolled myself in a circuit training course at the gym.

Afterwards I’m exhausted and my sweatiquette is pretty bad. But I leave on a high,the buzz is immense and it sure beats slobbing out on the sofa with the chocolate version of Watership Down any day.

We’ll just see how long it lasts!?