It is not a crime against womanhood to get drunk

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Ask yourself this question: does the sight of a drunken woman offend you more than the sight of a drunken man?

You’re perfectly within your rights to think that neither looks very pretty.

But when it comes to illustrating how the UK has fallen into some sort of binge drinking pot-hole, it’s always women who come in for society’s strongest criticism.

From a health point of view, it’s not good for either sex to get so plastered that they lose control of their faculties and functions.

Yet I’ve seen just as many men lying helpless in the gutter as I have women – and no-one seems to mind half as much when it’s a bloke.

One particular bar in Warrington attracted all sorts of press attention recently when it launched a promotion allowing drinkers to buy 10p booze.

It was never going to be anything other than exceedingly messy. And it was – with photographers on hand to capture the moment when the young folk of Cheshire spewed (quite literally in some cases) out onto the streets.

The pictures were fairly gruesome. Girls in a tangled mess of barely-there clothes. Girls slumped on pavements with glazed expressions, eating chips. And girls holding other Bambi-legged girls up in an effort to get them home in one piece.

Yes, they looked awful. No it’s not good for them. And I pity the people who live and work in Warrington if they had reason to walk through the town centre on the morning after the night before.

But all the resulting hullabaloo focused on why this was unladylike behaviour and not on the fact that, just out of shot, there was exactly the same number of lads in exactly the same shambolic state.

OK, let’s have a pop at both sexes for being so chaotically drunk.

But targeting the girls and accusing them of somehow letting the side down is just daft.

You can argue that going out and getting hammered is letting yourself down – but not a whole gender.

By all means judge women for being a little worse for wear.

But only if you save some of your disapproving tuts for the men who are doing exactly the same thing.