It’ll be in the last place you look, wherever you left it

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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Of all the people who could call at your door on a Saturday morning, the one that I least expected was a man with a hedgehog in his hand.

Actually that’s not strictly true. If I sat and thought about who I least expected to ring the bell, the hedgehog man wouldn’t be at the top of the list.

But he certainly would be before, say, Tutankhamun (not just unexpected, but frankly miraculous).

I find all those expressions we use, such as ‘the one I least expected’, very silly.

I mean, take the one about finding something in the last place that you look. Well that’s obvious, isn’t it?

Of course it’ll be in the last place, usually where you left it (another daft one). If you knew where that was, you wouldn’t still be looking!