It looks like Richie Barker has the 12th man back in his side

Good times - but alcohol consumption can be a factor in holiday insurance claims

Why a drink on holiday should not invalidate your insurance

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Pompey have had eight managers in five years. As we’re all too aware, most of these comings and goings were a reflection of the abhorrent mismanagement of undeserving owners and rickety CEOs.

On Saturdays I anchor the sports programme on BBC Radio Solent and as much as I absorb the thoughts of our commentators and summarisers, I also tune in to the ambient sound of the fans.

They were very flat before Christmas, but during the last couple of home games I’ve noticed the passion is returning.

The second half of the season has drama written all over it and it looks distinctly like new boss Richie Barker has the 12th man back in his side.