It makes Blair and Brown’s feud look like a love-in

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As the proud father of two young sons, I’m praying they don’t end up in a state of internecine warfare like the Miliband brothers. Once all manly hugs and smiles and feted for their individual ability, they now find their futures bound together as if they were some sort of political Siamese twins.

While Labour leader Ed fails to score points against the uneasy coalition of Call Me Dave and Cleggy, he cannot escape the shadow of his big brother, former Foreign Secretary David, looming larger and larger.

Meanwhile David is still recovering from the political damage of being beaten to his party’s leadership by his kid brother’s controversial decision to stand against him with the backing of the trade unions.

It was a bitter battle and to have the ultimate prize snatched from his grasp by his sibling, of all people, must have been hard to stomach.

How hard? David and his wife Louise reportedly didn’t even hang around for the reception when Ed married Justine Thornton last month.

Well it seems David has now bided his time, licking his wounds and waiting for the right opportunity to claim what he and his supporters believe is rightfully his.

With Ed performing poorly and failing to land a punch on Call Me Dave at Prime Minister’s Questions, plus talk among disillusioned Labour loyalists that the wrong Miliband won the leadership election, David is ready to return.

There are stories of plots by David’s admirers to oust Ed, plus whispers about negative briefings designed to further undermine his position.

At the weekend David issued a public statement of loyalty to his brother. He called for unity and said he was right behind Ed.

But it sounded like the political version of a chairman giving a football manager the dreaded vote of confidence and then booting him out soon afterwards.

So if you fancy a flutter, get down to the bookies and put a tenner on the elder Miliband becoming the next leader of the Labour party. Because all this fratricide makes Blair and Brown’s famous feuding look like a cosy love-in.