It only hurts (you) when I 
laugh and snort like a man

COMMENT: Bandstand event is a victim of its own success

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You know what it’s like when you attend your other half’s work-do? You want to rock up in your best outfit because, well let’s face it, you want to impress the people who spend more time with your BF then you do.

This was the situation I was in last Saturday night when I attended Matt’s friend from work, Kim’s, 50th birthday party.

It was a fantastic evening and I have to say I spent more time than usual pruning and prepping in the mirror. I rocked a red and white polka dot fifties style dress, killer heels and I curled my hair in a tousled ‘I wake up naturally looking like this’ hair do.

The party was held at Cosham and everyone was having a good time. I’ve known Matt’s work friends for years – hell, most of them came to my 30th.

On this particular evening I let myself chat away more than I usually do... which is saying something I suppose.

One of Matt’s friends, Wayne Richard is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. The natural charisma and witty banter this guy has would put any of the bigwig comedians to shame and well, you know me, I like to laugh. A lot.

The problem is I sound like a man when I laugh.

Unfortunately, I inherited the Gibbs’s family laugh, which is this really deep, manly, loud cackle and it’s rather brash – not at all the feminine cute look I was going for.

So Wayne and I are chatting away, together with his lovely fiancée Lucy Keil, glass of white wine in hand, when I start cackling really loudly (the wine has set in by this point).

Wayne looks amused, but then I start snorting like a pig and his amused look turns more to a concerned one. But I found what he was saying really funny and I just couldn’t stop. I’d had a few glasses of pinot, but I wasn’t at all drunk – certainly not drunk enough to not notice the unusual glances that were coming my way. Still, why try and be someone you’re not?

It’s just a shame that I have this rather masculine alter ego that tends to rear its head at inappropriate moments! I blame Wayne – he shouldn’t be so funny should he?