It’s a great day when we all can be heroes

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SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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Everyone has a hero. Whether it’s their favourite footballer, a fictional superhero, or a relative or friend who’s inspirational. 
 So it’s no surprise that the youngsters we picture today on page 17 had no problem deciding who they wanted to dress up as for National Heroes’ Day. 
 Whether astronauts, soldiers, Arsenal stars or doctors, they’re all taking part in what is a great annual event. And its founder? 
 A teacher from Fareham. Danny Glavin was inspired to set up the event, which raises thousands for Help for Heroes, in the memory of Marine Richard Hollington, who died after a bomb blast in Afghanistan. 
 Last year it raised an amazing £60,000. 
 Mr Glavin says ‘My heroes are the people who put their lives on the line for us every day’.
 And that’s a sentiment that will be shared by many. 
 His spirit and a can-do attitude to get this up and running that we need to see more of today. 
 It’s inspirational for the youngsters we feature today to hear from him as they did. 
 And it also gives them a chance to reflect, however young, on who benefits from the money they’re helping to raise.

So let’s hope this year’s National Heroes’ Day tops last year’s success raising even more money.
 And its not too late to take part. 
 National Heroes Day is actually tomorrow – the children got in a couple of days early so they could take part on a school day.

So if you want to join the 17,787 people already signed up to take part in Mr Glavins fabulous idea, go to