It’s a shame but city will bounce back from this

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It’s hard not to share in the disappointment of David Evans abut Portsmouth failing to land the prestigious Armed Forces City 2014 title.

He was the man behind the city’s bid, the man who had driven it forward garnering support from all quarter, the man who had set out what a boon it would be for the city.

‘It’s really disappointing not to be chosen. I can’t understand why it’s happened’ he says.

And we can’t help but agree.

As the home of the navy, it seems hard to imagine how we were overlooked.

But it was not to be and the decision went the way of Stirling in Scotland.

As the leader of the city council Gerald Vernon-Jackson comments today, there could quite easily be a bit of politics behind the decision.

It just so happens, in case anyone could forget, that September 2014 is the time set aside for the Scottish independence referendum.

Being named Armed Forces City will put the Scottish city firmly at the heart of the First World War and D-Day commemorations – very much a United Kingdom issue.

If that does ever prove to be the case, we only hope it proves itself up to the job.

But even though Portsmouth did not secure the title, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty to put us on the national map next year.

We’re still the proud home of the Royal Navy and D-Day veterans.

We have a long history and an exciting future.

So yes, it’s a shame we’ve not been recognised nationally, but it’s no reason to be downhearted.

Without a doubt Portsmouth will feature strongly in the events of 2014 and we’ll be backing the city every step of the way and we’d encourage you to do the same.