It’s all right to have opinions, but we must act responsibly

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Have you been watching this year’s Celebrity Big Brother?

I only started tuning in because Perez Hilton’s in it.

For those who don’t know, Perez is a huge American star famous for writing a blog about celebrities.

He kickstarted the showbiz blogging craze and I was really interested to see how he’d come across.

Although he’s an attention-seeking drama queen, he hasn’t stolen the show as I thought he would (although to be fair, he’s tried).

It’s the antics of ex-Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson and Corrie’s Ken Morley that have caught the attention of the British public and sparked outrage.

I’m in two minds as to what I think about it all. Both of them were out of line and used what could be deemed as offensive language.

In all honesty Jeremy shouldn’t ever have been allowed in the house – he seemed just too unstable in my opinion.

Meanwhile Ken came across as a rather unpleasant old man who should know better.

But I do think we’ve now gone so far down the politically correct route that soon people will acually be afraid to leave their homes for fear of offending someone.

I’m not excusing their actions – both of them were completely in the wrong and I can absolutely see why Channel Five took the action it did and forced them to leave.

But I believe we contradict ourselves somewhat as a society.

On the one hand we preach about our rights to freedom of speech, but on the other we go crazy if someone says something we find offensive.

So where do you draw the line? Should we be allowed to say what we want to to others because it’s one of the things that make up a so-called democratic society?

Or should we self-censor more?

Personally I think it’s down to the individual to act responsibly and in the correct manner.

I was brought up to believe that, yes, it’s okay to have opinions, but it’s more important to care for others and act in a responsible way.

This is something that neither Jeremy or Ken did during their time on Celebrity Big Brother.