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During the past week, I have met many people and confronted new challenges which have partly affected my attitudes towards certain situations.

Because of this, I feel that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and being bold is very important.

I believe the way some young people communicate with other people in society is lacking enthusiasm.

We as youngsters, as the future generation, need to change this negativity before the strongholds which already exist – poor communication with each other, no spirit and lack of trust – expand and strengthen even more.

Imagine walking into a hall full of hundreds of people, not knowing anyone.

How would you feel if nobody approached you and made you feel welcome?

Possibly alone and hurt?

The point I’m getting at this week is that there are a growing number of people who aren’t bold in themselves and don’t step outside of their comfort zones to meet and greet others.

From experiencing the way some others are with people, I can see this.

It almost seems that we as young people are happy with the friends we have at the moment, possibly from school, college or university.

Even though our friends are important, it is also a good idea to acknowledge that they won’t be there forever.

In spirit yes, physically... no.

People move on.

Let’s face it– you’ll be doing the same.

When we find ourselves in the future – and often for some, now – alone or possibly seeing the same people day in, day out, that is our cue for change.

As a generation seen by some as negative and anti-social, we can change much of this by being bold.

By that I mean bold in our communication and bold in our enthusiasm.

Through this boldness, others may think differently towards us.

Young people need more positivity. But while it’s all good stating what we need, how are we going to tackle it?

On our own?


As a community that’s passionate and enthusiastic about making a change for the future?


Change is difficult, for anyone. But it can be for the better.

Youngsters of Portsmouth, stand up, be bold and never stop building relationships.

Seventeen-year-old Sam Poole goes to South Downs College and is the outreach officer for Portsmouth Youth Parliament. Sam lives in Milton, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter @shjpoole.