It’s Christmas – at least that’s what John Lewis is telling us

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So the Christmas countdown is well and truly upon us.

And how do I know this? Well that’s what the Christmas ads, which we have been bombarded by from November 1, are telling me.

Now I love Christmas but it’s only just November and it appears that all the brands can’t wait to show us what they’ve got for us to buy if we really love our loved ones.

Marks and Spencer got off the mark early with its festive ad offering, trying to challenge the two biggest Christmas contenders John Lewis and Coca-Cola with an all-star cast and plenty of fake snow.

The company must have spent a fortune on the services of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Helena Bonham Carter and David Gandy when the real star was the nameless Westie dog.

Viewers can even log on to M&S’ social media to pick the name of the poor mutt – Magic or Sparkle, your choice. But can anyone remember any of the products within the ad?

The two most ‘eagerly anticipated’ ads or ‘least wanted’ – depending on your current attitude to Christmas – had their premiere during the high-profile ad break on Saturday night’s X Factor.

As with previous years, John Lewis and Coca-Cola have done a great job of creating the hype surrounding their new Christmas ads.

In John Lewis’s case, who would guess that all this fuss is around a two-minute advertisement and not a full-length feature film? Bond would be well jel!

With cute cartoon critters and Lily Allen singing a heart-tugging version of 2004 hit Keane song, Somewhere Only We Know, John Lewis appears to be on to yet another winner.

I have had reports from some friends that it has even managed to make them cry! Now if only they can convert tears into sales.