It’s Christmas! Bring it on now

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Christmas is coming and I can already hear the groans. It happens every year. Cards are in the shops, restaurants are advertising their Christmas menus and supermarkets are selling their festive tins of chocolates. Along with this is a loud chorus of ‘it’s too early’ and ‘Christmas shouldn’t start until December’.

I unashamedly love Christmas. For me it is the best and happiest time of the year and the earlier the build-up starts the better.

If I hear a Christmas song on the radio I’ll turn up the volume and if I see cards in the shops I’ll instantly get that feelgood festive feeling.

My daughters have been getting into the mood already. When asked to pick out a DVD to watch they chose The Polar Express, a film I love just as much as they do.

They also began circling toys in a well-known toy shop’s catalogue that they’d like Father Christmas to bring. I need to pick up a couple of new catalogues and explain they can’t circle every single item or come Christmas morning they might be a little bit disappointed.